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How do I use this website?


Searching for products

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General note


To make the most out of the Chilli Promotions' website please use the below.


This website has a large range of items but it can be daunting for a client so we encourage you to call or email us so we can do the work for you. Just give us the details of what you want so we can use our expertise to suggest the best products. We will then send you a detailed quote with exact prices so you can make your decision.

Searching for products


How do I search for products?


1. Browse by category from the left-hand products menu.

2. Use the search tool. This is the best way to find an item if you know what you want. The Search has two parts see below.


This is best used for searching by product only. eg. Enter in the term Polo, Keyrings etc.

Advanced Search

Use this when you want to enter more detailed information. eg You might want to select Polo as your product item and select its colour as orange.

See below for best use of each section.

Product Name

This section does a word search through the short description of the products.

Product Code

This will search product codes.

Other Search Words

This searches the products' long description for the searched words (same as a normal search).


This will search on the decorated price (eg inc printing, engraving or embroidery in price) of all items and bring back items within this price range for the quantity entered. Please fill in all three sections.


This will refine your search to a category. Use this section only if you are very experienced with this site.


This will refine search to a product range. Use this section only if you are very experienced with this site.

Changing view options


How do I change the product view?


By default the site will give you the thumb view. This gives you a small picture of the item. You can click on the image to get more information. You can change to the detailed view by clicking on the "Detailed View" button.